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Terror of the Octobernomicon Live!!

We are live and over 50% funded!!

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Terror of the Octobernomicon Kickstarter

So the fine folks at Golden Goblin Press have been working on a secret project with us. We’re very proud of our yearly Octobernomicon, and they’re fans too. So we sat down and put all of our twisted little heads together and came up with a secret project I’m announcing now…

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DNS Kerfuffle was down today do to a DNS error. Said error has both been resolved and mitigated for the future. We’re now running in a cloud based configuration and have updated our DNS servers to better facilitate that fact in response to this outage. We thank you for your patience.

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Some of you visiting the site, may have noticed a big red screen on your browsers announcing this site as a no-good-nic.  Well it would be correct. runs wordpress and had several wordpress plugins installed, as you would do with a wordpress site.  Wordpress, unfortunately, is not that secure.. and with various plugins that even makes it more so.  As such attackers were able to get in and add their own bits of code to the site to do naughty things.  Upon discovering the hack, we immediately sprung into action. All the offending code has been deleted, a fresh untouched out of the box install of wordpress has been put up, with *no* plugins installed. I also went the extra step of turning the entire site read-only.  You are still able to submit stories, etc.. but no files can be written to the hard drive, this makes it so even if the hackers come back and try to use the same trick they used before to hack us.. they physically are unable to write the to the disk.   I have submitted the site to Google to be scanned and have the warning removed, but that is what is going on right now.

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HP Lovecraft Film Fest Videos

Some of you may have noticed some audio difficulties with our facebook filmfest streams. Fear not brave readers, for we have noticed them as well. While we will be cleaning them all up for later archivable viewing, if you’re jonesing for all the craziness now and can’t wait, you could try our Periscope channel at and check out the videos there!

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Sean and Matt are on Zombiepalooza Radio TONIGHT!

Tonight we have two of’s editors over at Zombiepalooza Radio Live! Authors Sean Hoade and Matthew Davenport (me) are going to be interviewed tonight. Check it out and let us know what you think.

It’s a live feed with a chat room so feel free to ask us whatever questions you have.

Click here to watch the live feed!


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NaNoWriMo Prep!

Are you getting ready for NaNoWriMo?

Don’t know what it is? Maybe you should. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, AKA November! A lot of the staff at are authors, and some of us partake in this annual word party.

The goal? 50,000 words in a month.

Interested? Sign up an and then comment in the comments of our site with your page link. We’d love to friend you and follow your progress.

November is going to be a fun month for NaNoWriMo members here at We’re planning a few surprises as well as giving you regular updates as to our own progress.

That being said, how do you get 50,000 words in 1 month? It isn’t easy, but has built a little calendar that you can make as your wallpaper on your computer desktop to help keep you on track with your word count.

NaNoWriMo Calendar

NaNoWriMo Calendar

Let’s see how many words the NaNoShoggothers can get this next month. We’d love to see how many monsters we can bring into the world…

My NaNoWriMo link? Here ya go:


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Here are your contest updates:

  • Augustus Cantos voting begins NOW (Lower right hand corner of any page, feel free to vote for more than one)!
  • OctoberNomicon Writing voting begins Nov 1 (submit your monsters soon!!)
  • OctoberNomicon Art voting begins Nov 15 (More time to submit your art!!)
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One of ours does good.

After we started running for a while… I came to the belief that often functions as the “Minor Leagues” of the Cthulhu Mythos & Weird Fiction community. So far we’ve had to pull articles from the site because they have been published in print anthologies, we’ve had a fan who enjoyed the site without posting start my favorite game company, and most recently, we had a guy submit an entry into our art contest and got a cover deal out of it. Brave readers, you have no idea how proud this makes me. So, as you read this, if you have a creative leaning, a crazy idea, or other exciting idea.. write them up and send them in. You may think your idea sucks. You may be right. BUT those who read your work will make suggestions and comments in the comments and can help you create better next time. You may inspire someone else to post their work. You may be wrong and end up getting some paying work. A good & trusted friend told me just today; “there are LOADS of good people, talented people, who just need some encouragement. We need to train a new crop, because the Great Old Ones are starting to die off.”

Truer words have never been said. Submit, submit often, and we’ll continue to do our best to bring you our worst. Our most horrid, our most alien, our most dispicable. Because here’s our secret. We are you. is ran by and for you, the creepy kids of all ages who read our stories, play our games, and draw our pictures and write our tales. For this, I am most honored and humbled. Thank you each and every one of you, yes, even those of you who have never submitted and never will. Our only hope is that we live up to the great expectation and duty you’ve chosen to bestow on us. We shall endeavour to increase our presence and our reach. We shall hit up all the conventions we’re able to so that if you can’t make it, you can feel like you’re there (HP Lovecraft Film Fest: Portland videos are coming soon). We shall try to get more contests up, we are working behind the scenes to develop new technologies for the site to offer users more functionality. Like the creatures of our namesake, we work tirelessly; day & night, to serve the community and enrich the mythos we all love.

Here is the link to the Golden Goblin Press posting about it.

Ia Ia!! Tekelili

Matt “trollboy” Wiseman
Head Weirdo of

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It begins..

Howdy Denizens, Trollboy here.  October is going to be an absolutely insane time for us. Well.. more so than usual.   Continue reading »

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