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We Need Reviewers!

Want free stuff?
Like to Read, Play Games, or Listen to Music?
Love Weird Fiction, Cthulhu, and the things that go Bump in the Night?

We’re Ready to Believe you!

I mean, we’ve got a group site that you can join and get free stuff. In exchange we only ask that you give us a review of that stuff for us to put it up on the site! We love reviews of stuff, and so do the people who give us said “stuff.”

So, if you’re willing to give us honest and in depth reviews of games, books, music, or whatever we get that’s related to Weird/Stranger Fiction, Horror, and Lovecraft, then go on over to our Review forum and sign up!

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Introducing Matthew Davenport!

This is a Picture of a fair skinned male wearing glasses with a well manicured beard. His facial expression is one of bemused confusion.

Matt Davenport

Well, this is awkward. An introductory post on

Dang it! I mean exciting.

It would only be awkward if I were a Mi-Go, hiding in the flesh of Matthew Davenport, a new editor at

And I’m not. That’d be silly.

Since I’m obviously not an alien being that travels through time and space choosing to currently be wearing a Matt-Suit, I’d love to tell you a little bit about him … err, me! Continue reading »

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Image hosting Guidelines

As with all content on, we do our best to ensure that all content creators are fully credited for their original works, as well as maintaining that they retain rights to their work. Continue reading »

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Small outage; Restored

Sad truth

Sad truth

We were down tonight for a short time.  We rebooted the server and are back online.  We are currently in the process of looking for new hosting options.  We’re one of the few sites out there who haven’t migrated to “the cloud”.  Instead we run off dedicated servers.




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Horror & Weird writers! We want your stories!

We at ShoggotLovecraft and want to get your creepy or spooky or funny or Weird or Lovecraftian or any or all of the above kinds of stories out into world to be read by thousands!

Send your awesome stories of any length to us at submissions@shoggoth net. We take one-time publication rights and then everything is back to you! We love to do reprints, experimental stories, bizarro, you name it!

And don’t worry … like the Old Gent from Providence himself, we will take very good care of your eldritch babies.


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And then there was twitter.

Earlier this week we launched our twitter account @ShoggothNet.  Feel free to follow it & tweet to it.  It will automagically post all articles posted to (hopefully) and we will use it to interact with YOU the users.

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Graduate-level fiction workshop for Lovecraftians!

Hello, all. This is Sean Hoade, Assistant Acquisitions Poobah here at I wanted to let you know that a fiction workshop is going on that is focusing on tales of the macabre and even Lovecraftian (although any kind of fiction is welcome). Here’s my original call:

This is an Iowa-style graduate-level fiction workshop. It is being held in Las Vegas but anyone from anywhere can take part through live videoconferencing by Google Hangouts.

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A Call for Art!

Howdy folks!
Our OctoberNomicon is going GREAT right now and I’m loving all the hard work and creativity our authors are putting in.   What would really help I think, is if we can have pictures of the creatures themselves to go with the article.  We got one for Bruce‘s Black Eyed Children, but we need more.

Are you artistic? Do you want to help out  If so drop me an email at trollboy[at] or through the site’s internal messaging and we’ll get some of your art up here.  If you’re reading this in the future, fear not!  Any article on this site could be jazzed up with some fine art!

We’re ALWAYS taking submissions.

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Anda adalah orang yang buruk

Anda tidak Harus mencuri musik. Anda Bahu membeli lagu sebagai gantinya. Anda harus malu pada dirimu sendiri.

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Soft Opening

So, venerable user Chris Loveless pointed out that my previous post was a year old.  SOOOO. I’ve decided to post this.  Huzzah!   As you can see we’re more or less back up.  We do currently have a few outstanding issues;

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