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Cylais- The Living heads

Image is of a green eyed fair skinned female presenting head. It's hair style appears to be 1920's era, and it has a mass of cords and feelers coming out of the bleeding neck.

Cylais — The Living Head

by Aeion Solar for the OctoberNomicon Art Contest

In the dim light of Robespierre’s cellar, within a large cask made glass, the Cylais gamboled and scuttled about. It appeared as a human head sans body, much as if it had been torn out by the roots. Despite the gore beneath, it possessed a comely, serene face and beguiling eyes that clutched at one’s soul. All the while its loathsome tendrils twitch and writhed in a noisome fashion, conveying the horror’s fervent need to make its escape”.-Guillaume Dupree, Gruesome Bestiary

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