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Thank you for coming

This wraps up OctoberNomicon 2019. Thank you all again for enjoying this time of year with us, and special thanks to all our contributers. As such, I announce that submissions are now open for OctoberNomicon 2020! And as always you can submit anytime for any content. is and always has been ran by you, our users.

So in closing, thank you for making OctoberNomicon 2019 awesome and enjoy this final bit of art for Cody Goodfellow‘s The Spawn Of Hali. It is a Huhuotl drawn by Fufu Frauenwahl
The Huhuotl

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Omnia autem buy

As promised, here’s your Golden Goblin Press Discount code for the Ides of October
It is good 10/13 – 10/19

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Ave Octobernomicon!

Tomorrow begins the Ides of October… as such.. the brain fevered cultists toiling away over at Golden Goblin Press have decided in their lunacy to bestow upon us a 20% Discount on all Cthulhu Invictis items!! The insanity begins tomorrow with… The Winged Serpents..

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Ave Cthulhu

My beloved Cultists.. we have a special treat for you next week.. for next week is the Ides of October.. a special all Invictus week of horror and abomination from our good friends at Golden Goblin Press!!

To help celebrate this, stay tuned for a special announcement EXCLUSIVE to the Ides of October..

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Welcome to OctoberNomicon 2019

While we are still taking content, we’re starting off today.
Happy OctoberNomicon everyone!

Lovecraft At The Wall; by Ian P Duckett
Scratchboard 9×12 2019

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Send lawyers to hell

Normally we try to stay as apolitical as possible, however this seemed pretty fun. DavidXNewton, a Youtube video game commenter and all around swell guy has a series on his channel called “David Does Doom”. With the goings on in the news recently, he’s started to ask for donations on his channel. Said donations will be amassed and handed off to RAICES to aid in the border immigration problem, AND will be matched by his employer. So as he’s going to be playing Sandy Peterson’s (creator of Call of Cthulhu) own Doom and has promised us some Cthulhu levels as well; I give you (direct link with donation link and handy chart of how much has been given already:

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Roddy McDowall reads HP Lovecraft

Happy Friday, have you considered helping out with the OctoberNomicon yet?

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Submissions for OctoberNomicon Now Open

Attention Artists! Attention Writers! Attention Weirdos!

Getting a head start on things; we have now opened submissions for our yearly OctoberNomicon! Submit your monsters, npc’s and abomonations to appear all through out the month of October. We are open to any game system. If you’re an artist and want to volunteer to draw things; let us know! We’ll give you a sneak peak of the submissions so far so you can bring these horrible things to life. As always send your horrible things to

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GENCON: Old Ones Revival: 1st Church of Innsmouth Traveling Revival Show

Greeting Cultist the Old Ones Revival: 1st Church of Innsmouth Traveling Revival Show will be coming to this year’s GEN CON in Indianapolis Thursday Aug 2 at 7pm. Host by those touched by those unholy hand Boy Preacher Dr. Rev Randj Portajonni and his Rev. Albert Shiny. Testify your love for Cthulhu for eternal damnation Swag and Prizes. Father Dagon and Mother Hydra will be there to judge your sincerity Also there will be and all gender Duct Girl Contest.

Thursday Aug 2th 7pm Lucas Oil: MTG Rm 2
ZED 18125983 $2.00
We can’t wait to meet you.

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Origins Game Fair 2018 (We’re not there)

It’s that time of year again folks! Origins Game Fair is under full swing. If you’re there you can check out Rogue Cthulhu, Chaosium or the great merchants. Once again however, we’re not there. You will find us in the onsite book (again), but we’re not there. Again.  That’s all for now, and look forward to Origins 2019 when we make this announcement again. Just like 2017, and 2016.

We were there in 2014 & 2015 though.. alas they screwed up the onsite book and no one knew about our awesome games so we quit coming.  2016, 2017 and 2018 they screwed up listing us in the onsite book so we’re still not coming back.

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