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Terror of the Octobernomicon Live!!

We are live and over 50% funded!!

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Terror of the Octobernomicon Kickstarter

So the fine folks at Golden Goblin Press have been working on a secret project with us. We’re very proud of our yearly Octobernomicon, and they’re fans too. So we sat down and put all of our twisted little heads together and came up with a secret project I’m announcing now…

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Necronomicon 2021

May be an image of text
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Kickstarter: Cthulhu & Miskatonic U. Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Pendants, Pins

Friend of the site and all around swell bunch of blasphemous CobblerElves the Arkham Bazaar have launched yet another AMAZING Kickstarter!! Get in while the gettin’s good!
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HP Lovecraft Film Fest 2020

It’s time once again for the HP LOVECRAFT FILM FEST! Register today!

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Le Fear Fatal

It was around 4:30am in the bus station located at Melnea Cass Boulevard & Madison Avenue in Boston. Several scantily clad women were standing on the sidewalk, some visibly digging at invisible spiders. Bit by bit, cars containing single men pulled up, and the women left…only to return a short time later. A girl in a leather jacket, pleated plaid skirt, and auburn pixie cut was gone the most, seconded only by a young woman with locks the color of orangish flame wearing only black negligee. A blonde woman who could be otherwise cosplaying Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction down to the hair cut and bare feet had grown frustrated and restless, keenly aware of the current trade of the night. Finally, she stormed off down the street, passed the intersection and after walking past the homeless shelter, turned the corner onto Albany as a tall, lithe redhead clad only in a stained grey thong bikini.

In nature, many opportunistic predators evolve to take the form of their prey. Examples of this include the fireflies of the genus Photuris that emit the same photonic signals that females of the genus Photinus emit as a mating signal. The same can be said of the shoggoth. As humans are the top species on this planet and account for a great deal of it’s biomass, specializing in preying on them has been the niche of several species of predator. As such, it makes sense that a quickly adapting species such as the shoggoth would use mimicry as a predation strategy. 

The Le Fear Fatal takes the look of, including replicating clothes, a sexually available female.  They’re not very sentient in any humanly recognizable way, with intelligence on par of an African Grey Parrot. As human society progressed, they adapted to the more common courtship patterns they observed in their new natural environment: a concrete jungle.

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Growing Up / Overnight – Two Cthulhu Mythos Fiction Books

By the trembling jowels of Tsathoggua! There’s 24 hours for you to get in on a double dose of Lovecraftian Horror from the awesome folks at Golden Goblin Press!
Head over now!!

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OctoberNomicon and beyond; a Call for Revelations!

A popular meme at the moment expressing ostensible dissatisfaction of HBO’s application of the shoggoth appellation to their new creature.

Yes. Sort of. Details below.

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DNS Kerfuffle was down today do to a DNS error. Said error has both been resolved and mitigated for the future. We’re now running in a cloud based configuration and have updated our DNS servers to better facilitate that fact in response to this outage. We thank you for your patience.

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Cthulhu Mythos Holiday Ornaments inspired by H. P. Lovecraft

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